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ExhibitIN offer flexible storage solutions to our clients who need us to store their stand securely and safely, ensure it is kept in good condition ie.'show ready' and advise them of any refurbishment needs before it goes out to be delivered and installed.

Furthermore should a stand require running repairs or updating then this can be taken care of between shows and your investment remains fully protected until it is set to work again.

Not only can we store your exhibition stands, we can also hold your demonstration equipment, exhibition giveaways and literature. After each exhibition we run a full inventory of your stand components.

We can also 'stock check' all literature and giveaways and make you aware if you are getting close to your re-stock level.

We also offer the facility for your display to be 're-branded' with a new designs and graphics. click here for more info..

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    Equity Release Roadshow 21st February

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Display Refurbisment

    We can refurbish your pop-up display, complete design service and graphics replaced.

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